How Physio Bangkok Assesses Movement in a Unique Way

Much of our success on a physical health level is measured in numbers and incremental changes. We lift 10 kilograms more; we have added two more repetitions compared to the week before, or we shaved 30 seconds off our personal record. All great tools to see how we progress.

Moments of celebration are common in our industry when personal bests are recorded, and we share these with clients regularly. It is the default standard that the physiotherapy and fitness industry – when it does it – revolves around.

However, a large part of the way we move cannot be measured in visible numbers and depend on other health factors such as sleep, nutrition, and stress. We need tools and assessment platforms for understanding the massive impact we have made on mobility and flexibility. The results we create on the floor are very much connected to how we functionally move. These gains have proven to have made a massive impact on gains, the physiotherapy and fitness industry is overlooking.

Physio Bangkok and its team of physiotherapists are the first and only Physio clinic in Bangkok and Thailand to introduce the MAT® – the World’s Number 1 Movement Assessment Tool. Crafted by leading movement specialists and physiotherapists in Australia, the MAT® is one of the most underutilised and goal-oriented assessment tools in the world of physiotherapy and assessments. Designed to measure success across all dimensions of functional movement, mobility and balance, the MAT® is now being used with professional athletes and sports teams, world leading clinics and rehabilitation centres.

Some organisations currently incorporating the MAT® protocol include the NBA, PGA, England Athletics, AFL, Australia National Soccer Team, Cirque du Soleil, and ATP.

The MAT® is a valid and evidence-based tool that allows us to collect simple, reliable and quantitative data. The measurements allow specific exercise prescription programs to be developed and customised to each individual client. We can then use the data to establish key baselines start points in real time and re-evaluate the successful progress of your achievements based on our approach and movement methodology. 

Fitness and exercise must be measured from a holistic perspective and not exclusively through lifting heavier and beating new records. We call these quality metrics.

The MAT® delivers immediate success on a quantitative level. Through direct feedback in setting up the foundation where a client is now and where the client wants to work towards, be it in daily life, posture, pain management, longevity or performance i.e. balance, jump, reach, and rotational tests. 

This strategic approach won’t  break out in a sweat. Just clear measurements that move you towards results through progressive science based methods. Being guided by those certified measuring the kinesthetic data from the MAT® has far more positive outcomes when you know how to read and analyse the data. It gives physiotherapists and personal fitness trainers evidence-based results and makes those adjustments.

It is here where the data from MAT® comes into play, as the data from the Movement Assessment Tool cannot lie.

This effective measurement tool comprises a mat with various angles, gradients, and straight lines, Physio Bangkok is regularly implementing MAT® to ascertain the truth behind a client’s progression or regressive state. Studies have shown that incorporating MAT® assessments has dramatically improved postural movements by using the data and fine-tuning a client’s movement goals.

And seeing that a client has been able to externally rotate his ankle further, after major surgery, has shown to be as motivational and high fives as any other default tool.

Health is a holistic strategy, so why not measure success in a holistic way?