Terms And Conditions


Physio Bangkok Co., Ltd (hereafter called The Company) is committed to delivering creative, safe and high-quality services and customer experiences in the field of physiotherapy, health, nutrition, performance, energy management and corporate wellbeing. With a focus on customer safety, individually tailored coaching and physiotherapy methodology and service delivery, The Company assures the client receives the comfort of reliable and peer-reviewed standards across the countries it operates in, and brands it represents, with a clearly defined set of socially responsible values.

Our Prices

The prices we feature are quoted per person per package. All prices quoted are in Thai Baht, exclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax) and all other taxes (subject to change of such taxes), unless stated differently on our website and/or in the confirmation email. All our prices are inclusive of the services specified in The Company’s offered packages and programmes.

Clients are fully aware and in complete understanding that by agreeing to the offered packages, the applicable terms and conditions will apply. It is the responsibility of the client to fulfil these obligations as stated when purchased.


Unless otherwise specified, all quoted rates are exclusive of applicable government taxes (Value Added Taxes (VAT)). In the event of government-imposed tax changes, the company reserves the right to alter the rates accordingly. In addition, The Company reserves the right to collect any differentials which may arise from the client.


All offered packages come with a validity period i.e. the allocated sessions must be used within the contracted period / before the expiration date. The client reserves the right to ask for an extension (maximum one extension per booked package). This must be done in writing to the attention of the management of The Company. The final decision remains with the management of The Company and is binding.


All scheduled appointments will be sent via email within 24 to 48 hours before the scheduled session. It is the client’s responsibility to confirm the appointment. We strongly recommend downloading all applicable applications (apps) on your mobile, tablet and/or computer for optimal communication. All apps offered through The Company are free of charge for The Company’s clients and are part of the selected package or programme.

Cancellation of Appointments

For all pre-confirmed personal physiotherapy sessions, clients automatically agree and accept the conditions related to cancellations or no-shows. Our general cancellation policy is that cancellations must be made 12 hours before the start of the session. Any cancellation made within 12 hours will be charged 100% and will be deducted from the client’s service package.

Cancellations for sessions can be done via The Company mobile app.

Sessions cancelled outside 12 hours before commencement will not be charged. It is important to get in touch with your coach and receive their confirmation.

In the event of informing us of incorrect/ invalid credit card details, absence / incorrect provision of required bank information or other incidents that allow us not to process the booked session, you as the customer are not entitled to any refund or compensation unless The Company agrees otherwise.

Rescheduling Appointments

For rescheduling appointment(s), The Company strongly advises the client to get in touch with your coach at least 12 hours before the commencement of the session. If there is no mutual agreement about the rescheduled date and time, the session(s) will be changed in full.


Full payment by bank transfer, or payment via all major credit cards, is required before commencement of the booked package, with all bank transfer charges/fees to be paid by clients. Failure to do so may result in not providing the services as indicated.

A confirmation email will be sent via our administration system, together with the applicable package. If clients require an official invoice for administrative reasons (stamped and verified), this can be obtained via our administration office.

Monthly payment plans are available and can be obtained through the management; this includes split monthly payments and specific instalment plans. Specific terms and conditions may be applicable.

Once payments are completed and processed, clients are obliged to abide by The Company’s package terms and conditions. 


Credit Card Authorisation and Payment Procedures

A credit card authorisation is an agreement between the client and The Company, specifically stating the mutually agreed amount and the date and time of the processed payment. The payment will be processed through the client’s issuing bank.

The provided credit card must be valid throughout the agreement’s validity to process the payment for one-off payments, or according to the monthly payment plans we offer in connection to our offered packages. Should the client not be able to provide valid credit card details, The Company is obliged to ask for full pre-payment for the agreed services.

In the event of a hold, package billing cycles will continue as scheduled, however, the time spent on hold will be added to the end of the contracted membership.

Setting up monthly debit plans is not obligatory but highly recommendable.

Payment Plans

In principle, we do not offer specific payment plans for all its packages and programmes. All packages and programmes are to be paid in full according to the agreed prices with the Fitcorp Group. Subject to management discretion, payment plans may be considered for the higher-tiered packages and programmes only (from 24 sessions and up, excluding monthly subscription plans).

Any additional charges incurred in relation to Fitcorp Group’s payment plans will be borne by the client.

Parental / Legal Guardian Of Participants of Minority Age

This is to affirm that any parent/legal guardian with legal responsibility for clients under the legal age of 18 years, do consent and agree to his/her release as provided above of all the releases, and for children and heirs, assigns, and next of kin against The Company. The legal guardian releases and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the release from any and all liabilities incident to the minor child’s involvement or participation in these programs as provided, even if this is arising from the negligence of the releases to the fullest extent permitted by Thai law.

Amendments and Refunds

We reserve the right to charge amendment fees, which will be in line with the agreements. We will inform you in advance what the charges may be, should these be applicable.

Under no circumstances will The Company refund partially unused packages. Our policy is that all purchases are final. Should the client not be able to make use of the booked services i.e. long-term injury with medical attention, transferring the package to another client and/or changing to an online virtual package may be discussed with the management of The Company. The final decision remains with the management of The Company and is binding. For long-term injuries, a medical certificate from a licensed medical practitioner may be requested as proof.

Specific requests for putting recurring packages on hold must be submitted in writing and may be considered accordingly.

The management reserves the right to charge a transferral fee for administrative and accounting matters.

We are firm believers that our methodology affirms success when following our programme. Refunds can be discussed in case results are not achieved accordingly. It is the client’s sole responsibility to take accountability when not following our designed programme in achieving clients’ goals. 

Session Code of Conduct

Clients are kindly requested to adhere to the following code of conduct before, during, and after the session.

  • We strongly advise clients to be at the physiotherapy studio at least 5 minutes before the session in preparation for the private physiotherapy session;
  • We strongly advise clients not to bring any valuables with them. The company is not responsible for any damage, theft and/or lost valuables during the physiotherapy session on the premises;
  • The safety and security of all our clients are paramount. We do all possible in keeping our clients and patients safe throughout the entire session;
  • Drinking water is available for clients;
  • We offer on-premises showers with amenities, completed with towels. Toilet facilities are shared with other tenants on the same floor. The team appreciate keeping both spaces clean and void of rubbish;
  • It is and remains the responsibility of the user to respect the provided weights and machines with respect to avoid injury to one’s self, our coaches and staff, and other clients.


Your Privacy is Important

We want you to know that when you use our website, our apps, or any documents submitted to The Company and its coaches, your personal identifiable information will be respected and securely protected. Please note that security regulations may require us to provide government agencies access to the data you have disclosed to us.

When you book with us, or gain access to our website, we use secure servers to protect your personal information. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software encrypts the personal information that is transmitted between you and us.

If you have comments or questions about our privacy policies, please email us at: connect (at) theaspireclub (dot) com. We would appreciate it if you can refer to this chapter in your correspondence with us.

Complaints and Irregularities

We consider complaints as valuable feedback to improve service delivery levels. We request that service delivery failures or customer concerns be reported during the validity of your package, to the management. It is the aim of the company to solve any irregularity on the spot. The Company reserves the right to refuse to take action on perceived irregularities submitted to The Company 24 hours after the customer returns back home after a session. For further correspondence, the client is welcome to contact us via email: connect (at) theaspireclub (dot) com


Use of Cookies

The Company uses cookie technologies to enhance your experience on our website as valuable as possible. We may share information about the way you use our sites and applications with our trusted media, advertising and analytics partners so we can deliver relevant and personalised travel experiences. The Company uses cookies to determine any errors and diagnostics on our server when required. Under no circumstances will this data be used to identify personal information which breaches our commitment to protecting your privacy and freedom and will only process personal data, in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation.

The Company uses analytical programs such as Google Analytics to track behavioural patterns on its website and to make improvements to our website. Such sites only collect generic browsing data and refrain from storing personal data by the user.

If you, as a user, do not wish to accept cookie technology, you can change your internet browser’s settings to automatically deny the storage of cookies or to inform you when a website wants to store cookies on your computer or mobile device. Any cookies stored from the previous usage can also be deleted through the browser. More information about how to disable cookies can be found by going into your browser’s support section.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

The Company is obliged to take preventive measures to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data protection regulations as of May 2018 for EU citizens. We have taken all measures to ensure that all data is safe. The processing of personal data will only extend to, and in such a manner, as is necessary for the purposes limited to the purpose of this agreement in accordance with the user. All personal data will be processed in line with the intended purpose and will not be used for any other purpose unless granted by the user in writing.

Information on our website / Intellectual Property Rights

All information – text, images, reviews and other information provided on our website – is copyright protected. Its content and information cannot be used/duplicated/copied/linked or distributed in any way unless written confirmation from The Company has been granted. 

We have obtained exclusive ownership of all rights, interests and title deeds, including the design of our online platforms, bearing our name and/or is (in)directly associated with us. In case you wish to use information (whole and /or a part) of the above-mentioned, you require a written confirmation from The Company; this includes as well translations of any kind. 

Any proven use of unlawful actions or behaviour that reflects the use of these intellectual property rights is considered a material infringement and may be held liable in accordance with the Law of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Force Majeure

During the term of your package, neither party shall be in default of its obligations to the extent that its performance is delayed or prevented by causes beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to, acts of God, natural disasters, the bankruptcy of a vendor, strikes and other labour disturbances, acts of war, or civil disturbances, or other equivalent or comparable events. 

We strongly recommend checking the details of such events beyond our control of us with your travel insurance company.


The client agrees to indemnify and to save The Company from harm and against all damage or injury (including death) to property or person(s) resulting from intentional or negligent acts or omissions from their respective officers, employees, agents, contractor or subcontractors in connection with the performance of this agreement. The client, and his/her heirs, legal guardians, and assigns, do hereby release The Company of and from all actions and causes of actions, suits, claims and demands arising out of injuries sustained on The Company’s premises, and during The Company’s sponsored off-premise events.