The Healing Power of Active Force

How do we measure your strength? Through the right application of force.

So you’re lifting those heavy weights, putting great effort in your sessions, day in and day out, week after week. But how do we actually know you are getting stronger?

With over 600 muscles in our body – some more active, others more rigid and providing that much-needed stability -, it is through science that we look differently at how these soft tissues criss-cross from left to right, up and down. Activated through our central nervous systems and connected to our skeleton, through manipulation we achieve movement. 

A new era of scientific research has arrived, and that is how our muscle strength has a massive impact on our longevity. Key aspects of the importance of building up and maintaining muscle mass are slowly making their foray into the minds and programming of passionate personal fitness trainers. 

While weight, circumvention, and other visible markers that result are on the rise and health aspects we can control through regular measurements, it is the power of generating force that has long been a dark cloud in the sky.

Because we all want to see results, and results are what keep us moving forward.

Meet ActivForce2.

ActivForce is a dynamometer (measuring the torque and rotational speed (RPM) of a joint) and inclinometer (measuring angles of slope, elevation, or depression of a joint) in one, Aspire Coaching is extremely proud to be one of the first personal fitness centres to include the ActivForce2 to accurately measure the generation of power with objective and quantifiable data.

Measuring your baseline strength, help us find out where your weaknesses and imbalances are. As a consequence your coach will be able to give you a program that targets those weaknesses, resulting in a balanced musculoskeletal system with less chance of pain.

This hand-held device measures numerous forces: peak and average over 5 seconds, and ranges of motions from various angles. It also detects whether there is an asymmetry between the left or right side. A slight asymmetry is of course totally normal since we have a dominant and non-dominant side. Having a big deficit combined with pain in your day-to-day life signals us to work on that asymmetry to relieve and prevent you from pain in the long term.

Already actively used by worldwide institutions such as various World Rugby Cup teams, various English Premier Football League clubs, a rising number of sports physiotherapists and rehabilitation centres in the United Kingdom and hospitals with established physiotherapy departments, the results connected to regularly use ActivForce2 are second to none.  

ActivForce2 assists effectively in the process of treatment and strategically plans exercise programmes. Medical professionals have reported they are able to be more precise with their exercise selection.

Offering a more precise, accurate and objective gauge of the effectiveness of treatment results in a better outcome for your health journey.