Meet Our Physio Team: Handy Ong

A core member of our team, Handy is a firm believer that muscle ailments can be removed without the use of extensive machines. A graduate from the prestigious Ghent University in Belgium, the skills and knowledge about the human body have shown to perfectly complement our philosophy of movement is medicine.

A Dutch native, yet having traded his home soil from The Netherlands to the Land of Smiles, it is Handy’s personal and unique approach to physio and pleasant personality that result in a plethora of positivity from our clients.

Handy shares his story and his beliefs of why Physio Bangkok is the place to go to.

What was the main reason why you wanted to become a physio?

I was deeply passionate about swimming and competed at a high level. As I looked towards my future career prospects, I wanted to continue working with athletes and coaching them. It was then that I decided to pursue a career as a physiotherapist.

Why do you believe everyone needs to have to stay strong to stay healthy?

I am a firm believer that if someone sustains an injury, it is crucial to seek the advice of a professional who specialises in examining and treating the human body’s movement system. Experts such as myself possess the knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate the extent of the injury and determine the appropriate steps required to aid the individual’s recovery.

By consulting with a movement system specialist, clients can receive an accurate diagnosis and personalised treatment plan that may include exercises, physical therapy, or other interventions tailored to their specific needs.

What is the biggest misconception / myth out in the world about the physiotherapy world?

One common myth about physiotherapists is that they only perform massages as a form of treatment. This myth is far from accurate and oversimplifies the important role that physiotherapists play in the healthcare system.

For you personally, what makes Physio Bangkok stand out from the crowd?

Unlike many other traditional physio’s, our facility is focused on movement and strengthening weak and imbalanced systems rather than equipment. 

From your experience, what is the biggest struggle for clients these days?

When it comes to treating injuries, there are indeed many options available besides visiting a doctor. However, it’s important to note that visiting a doctor is still the most reliable and effective option in many cases.

While it’s true that there are alternative treatments and remedies that can help alleviate pain and promote healing, these options may not always be the best choice for serious injuries or medical conditions.

A fun fact about you

I have two lovable dogs, with one of them being particularly fond of hiking. (Actually 3 now lol)