Meet Our Physio Team: Alisa ‘Sandy’ Burchardt

Meet Sandy, the founding physio at Physio Bangkok who’s passionate about improving your posture and tackling discomfort at its root. With a certification as a NASM personal trainer, she’s a true kinesthetic expert, helping clients transition from wellness to fitness with ease.

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Meet Our Physio Team: Handy Ong

Handy is a firm believer that muscle ailments can be removed without the use of extensive machines. A graduate from the prestigious Ghent University, the skills and knowledge about the human body have shown to perfectly complement our philosophy on why health is wealth.

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Hot or Cold Therapy – When to Use What?

Physio Bangkok is receiving more queries about when to use heat or cold for their injuries. The confusion is understandable as many tend to reach out to social media channels and not knowing the difference between hot and cold exposures to sprains, strains and injuries of any kind.

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Trigger Point Therapy

How to Properly Treat Shoulder Impingements

Shoulder impingement is a condition that occurs when the tendons of the rotator cuff muscles become compressed or pinched as they pass through a narrow space in the shoulder joint. In some cases, surgery is needed to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

Physio Bangkok explains a proven rehabilitation approach in treating shoulder impingement surgery.

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